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The Meluhan princess Sati

Sati is the daughter of Veerini and Daksha, older twin-sister of Kali, as well as the granddaughter of Emperor Brahmanayak. She is also the Suryavanshi Princess of Meluha. She is known as Parvati because she is Parvateshwar's goddaughter.

She married Chandandhwaj and gave birth to his child: Ganesh. Since Ganesh was a Naga, Daksha told Sati that her child was stillborn. Despite being a princess, she was discriminated against as a Vikarma (a carrier of bad fate) which made her an untouchable.

Undeterred by her being a vikarma, Shiva wooed and married her. Sati later gave birth to Shiva's child: Kartik. She was later reunited with Kali and Ganesh. Sati eventually died in battle while trying to save Nandi from the assassins sent by Daksha and Vidyunmali to kill Shiva. Her death had a huge impact on Shiva.

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Shiva and SatiEdit

Shiva sensed this catastrophe, and his rage was incomparable. He loved Sati more than any and would never love after her.



As a Kshatriya Princess of the brave Suryavanshi Meluhans, Sati's skill in wielding a sword is admirable. She is brave and strong-hearted. She is exceptional in wielding a knife, which further contributes to her swiftness, agility a flexibility. She also has a rather rare skill: of swinging sword towards one's own body as most swordsmen would swing their blade away from their own body.

Her skill in warfare is so great that she was able to defeat Tarak in battle (much to the surprise of the audience since Tarak is physically stronger). Sati was also able to kill a lioness, and later, many assassins sent by Vidyunmali. She even pushed Swuth to his limits while herself being in a grievously wounded state.

Endurance Edit

One of Sati's greatest attributes is her unbelievable endurance. This was best seen during her battle with the assassins from Egypt. Even as one of the assassins gouged put one of her eyes, she continued to battle for Nandi's sake. During the "duel of Aten", Sati did not flinch even while the assassins were inflicting horrifying injuries on her. She even went on to viciously kill most of them. Even on the brink of death, Sati refused to give up and tried to stand up against Swuth, who after witnessing her courage, decided that Sati would be his "final kill".

Music and Dance Edit

Sati was an excellent dancer. Shiva noted that though performing her moves perfectly, she lacked the emotion and energy. Sati eventually mastered the Nataraj pose, allowing her to respectfully seek energy from Mother Earth itself, thus greatly improving her dancing skills.

She was also a skilled singer. Shiva himself admitted his inferiority in singing when compared to her.