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Meluhan Emperor Daksha

Daksha is the Emperor of Meluha.He is Sati and Kali's father, as well as the grandfather of Ganesh and Kartik. He is the prime mover of the project to find the Neelkanth.

In the seriesEdit

The emperor Daksha is first seen when Shiva appears from Kashmir as the Neelkanth. He is then seen several times over in the three books. He is shown to love his daughter dearly. He also hated disgraces to his family and always wanted to impress his father Brahmanayak. His wife Veerini tried to talk sense into him and upon seeing that he wouldn't listen, she went along with his ideologies. He is seen to have a disregard for the rules, uncharacteristic of a Suryavanshi. Parvateshwar often remarks about his disregard for the rules. He also ruthlessly had Chandandhwaj executed and exiled Ganesh and Kali and though he knew perfectly well they wouldn't harm him unless he didn't, he spread rumours and himself believed that the Nagas were cruel and evil people. He even led Shiva to this belief. He expects the Neelkanth to believe his ideas of the world about Dilipa and the Chandravanshis being evil and the Nagas being twisted, which almost led to Shiva following these ideals.


He is seen to be egotistical and selfish and cares about his perfect family. He ostracised his own daughter and grandson just because they were Nagas without thinking about them as family. He also selfishly wanted to please Brahmanayak, his father. He also shows cowardice as he doesn't know sword fighting and other vital fighting skills. His Kshatriya chosen tribe is also very low, because his father picked it for him.